Where can I find my taxi at Paris-Orly?

Tips for distinguishing an official taxi

To recognize a official taxi, favor official stations located near the airport arrival gates. These authorized taxis generally signal themselves by an indicator light installed on the roof of their vehicle. Be careful if people claiming to be taxi drivers approach you outside these areas; it is recommended to decline any transport offer.

How to locate a taxi rank at Paris-Orly?

It is easy to find a taxi at Paris-Orly Airport at the exit, located after the baggage claim area (arrival terminal):

  • Orly 1 and 2 (formerly Orly-Ouest): Gate 14 A 
  • Orly 3: Gate 32 A
  • Orly 4 (formerly Orly-Sud): Gate 48 A
Find a shuttle taxi easily in Orly

How much does a trip between Paris and Paris-Orly Airport cost?

Here are the average prices provided for information purposes as of February 1, 2024. They do not in any way engage the responsibility of Taxi Paris Aéroport.

  • Paris Right Bank to Paris-Orly airport: 44 euros
  • Paris Left Bank to Paris-Orly airport: 36 euros
Orly West

Means of transport to get to Paris-Orly airport

HAS Paris-Orly airport, several transport options are available to allow you to get around easily:

Official taxis:

  • Parked just outside the terminals.
  • Recognizable by their illuminated sign.
  • Regulated prices.

VTC (Transport Car with Driver):

  • Examples: Uber, Bolt, etc.
  • Private transport service by reservation via a mobile application.

Public transport:

  • Served by several bus and tram lines.
  • Accessible via RER B and metro 14.
  • Convenient option for travelers wanting to use public transportation.